Alternative Energy Storage Systems

Most of the current complaints about alternative energy revolves around the lack of a way to store energy for times when energy production (wind. solar, water) is low. Although “Pumped-storage hydroelectricity” has been around for a long time and is very effective in storing large amounts of energy it is not practical for replacing battery storage.

Batteries now made tend to be fairly expensive but more importantly are detrimental to the environment being made from strong chemical processes and producing chemical waste. So the search for a better battery continues:

Enter the “solid state battery” a battery made of stable environmentally sustainable nanoionic materials that don’t change chemically. If those materials are bio degradable and plentiful you have a battery that makes sense. The issue; is there a solid state battery that works and is practical? I believe so.

We are currently testing and prototyping a solid state ion battery. Please visit IonMere Technologies Inc.